It hurts in Chicago too…..

Posted on October 1st, 2008 – 6:50 AM
By La Velle

I know Twins fans everywhere are hurting right now. I know one person in particular.

I’m the oldest of three children. As the older brother, I’ve often had to be the voice of reason and the rock of composure when dealing with my brother and sister.

And I had to be at my brotherly best on Tuesday.

My sister, Leslie, and brother, Lawrence,┬ástill live in the house we grew up in on the south side of town. My brother is a huge White Sox fan. My sister has always liked the Twins. We never understood why, we think she just wanted to be different from the rest of us, but they’ve always been her team.

My brother called at 9:03 – six minutes after the game ended.

“Did you see that! We’re in!,” he yells into the phone. “That was incredible!”

We talked for a few minutes. I told him that I’m happy for him and the Sox deserve credit for pulling out a tough game. I’m wasn’t going to rain on the little guy’s parade – but I could only take so much and told him I had to go. I was at Al Baker’s in Eagan with a bunch of friends, they were crushed, and I was steamed that my trip to Tampa to cover the ALDS was blown up.

I went home. put the phone on the counter and watched TV. I realized after awhile that I forgot to plug the phone into the charger. I went over to pick it up, looked at it and saw that my sister had left a stream of text messages.

9:55:09: (one word, rhymes with ham)

9:56:24: That was not supposed to happen. Sucks!

9:57:04: I feel for u.

9:57:07: (how was that possible?) I’m going to bed!

10:06:02: You have no idea how disappointed I am. Even though ESPN is praising the Twins for a good season with all the setbacks and roster changes, I hope the Sox get whipped!

I plugged the phone in while thinking, “I hope Larry stays upstairs in his room. I hope Leslie stays downstairs in her room. And I hope they aren’t in the kitchen at the same time in the morning.”

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