Let the offseason begin: Here are Thursday’s free agent filings.

Posted on October 30th, 2008 – 5:36 PM
By La Velle

Eddie Guardado, Nick Punto and Dennys Reyes all filed for free agency on Thursday, the first of 15 days players can do so.

It’s unlikely that Guardado will re-sign with the Twins. The club dealt for their former closer in August but ended up giving the ball to rookie Jose Mijares as they battled for the playoffs.

There’s a chance that the Twins could re-sign Nick Punto, but it will depend on what Punto’s asking price is. I’ve written before that Punto = Martin Skoula in this town, but he’s valuable as a super-sub. Indications are that the Twins want to upgrade at short and leave Alexi Casilla at second base, so if Punto wants to be paid like a starter he might have to go elsewhere.

Dennys Reyes might not be back either, as Mijares opened eyes during his brief stint in the majors. The price of middle relief is going up by the day, and Reyes, 3-0 with a 2.33 ERA this year, could fetch as much as $4 million a year as a free agent. The way Mijares pitched down the stretch, the Twins appear to be in good hands with him and Craig Breslow facing lefties.

Players have until 15 days after the end of the World Series to file for free agency, so they can sign with any club beginning Nov. 14. If a team signs a Type A or B free agent over the following two weeks, the club losing that player receives draft picks as compensation. 

Dec.1 is the deadline for teams to offer arbitration to their free agents so they can receive compensation if they do move. There’s always a batch of players who aren’t offered arbitration, and many teams wait until December to sign. Some don’t care if they lose picks (see: Angels and Torii Hunter, Thanksgiving, 2007).

Here are the 65 players who filed for free agency on Thursday, thanks to info from the player’s association:

Cruz, Juan (RP); Eckstein, David (SS)        
Norton, Greg (OF); Ohman, Will (RP); Tavarez, Julian (RP)
Millar, Kevin (1B); Payton, Jay (OF)
Cora, Alex (SS); Ross, Dave (C); Varitek, Jason (C)
Chicago Cubs
Dempster, Ryan (SP); Edmonds, Jim (OF); Fox, Chad (RP); Howry, Bob (RP)
Chicago White Sox
Crede, Joe (3B); Uribe, Juan (2B)
Affeldt, Jeremy (RP); Lincoln, Michael (RP)
* Donnelly, Brendan (RP)
Detroit Tigers
Garcia, Freddy Antonio (SP);        Jones, Todd (RP)
LoDuca, Paul (C)
Loretta, Mark (2B)
Kansas City
Grudzielanek, Mark (2B)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Anderson, Garret (OF); Garland, Jon        (SP); Teixeira, Mark (1B)
Los Angeles Dodgers
Beimel, Joe (RP); Blake, Casey (3B); Lowe, Derek (SP); Maddux, Greg (SP); Ramirez, Manny        (OF)
Gagne, Eric (RP); Kapler, Gabe (OF); Lamb, Michael (3B); Sheets, Ben (SP); Shouse, Brian (RP)
Guardado, Eddie (RP); Punto, Nick (SS); Reyes, Dennys (RP)
NY Mets
Easley, Damion (2B);         Perez, Oliver (SP); Wise, Matt (RP)
NY Yankees
Abreu, Bob (OF); Moeller, Chad (C); Ponson, Sidney (SP);        Rodriguez, Ivan (C)
Brown, Emil (OF) 
Gomez, Chris (3B); Mientkiewicz, Doug (1B)
St. Louis
Izturis, Cesar (SS); LaRue, Jason (C); Looper, Braden L. (SP); Lopez, Felipe (2B); Springer, Russ        (RP); Villone, Ron (RP) 
Bloomquist, Willie (OF); Cairo, Miguel (1B); Ibanez, Raul (OF) 
+ Blalock, Hank (3B); Bradley, Milton (DH); Jennings, Jason (SP); Vazquez, Ramon (3B); Wright, Jamey (RP)
Wilkerson, Brad (OF)

*Potentially eligible due to contract terms.                                                                                        
+Provisional election pending resolution of option provision in Player’s UPC

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