Twins add reliever to their 40-man roster

Posted on October 31st, 2008 – 4:43 PM
By La Velle

The Twins have added righthander Armando Gabino to their 40-man roster.

Gabino was 6-5 with a 3.10 ERA in 49 games with Class AA New Britain this season, He’s a 2004 Rule V pick up out of the Indians organization.

According to Twins GM Bill Smith, the club now has 32 spots occupied on its 40-man roster. It was at 34 after some moves were made last week. Nick Punto, Dennys Reyes and Eddie Guardado came off of the 40-man when they filed for free agency on Thursday. So the addition of Gabino makes  it 32.

Scheduling note: Smith leaves on Sunday for the GM meetings in Dana Point, Calif. Joe C. will be at the mike all next week as he monitors news, as I will be on special assignment.

The GM meetings often are where trades are hatched and developed. At worst, it helps identify who the Twins match up with for potential deals heading into the winter meetings on Dec. 8-11 in Las Vegas.

Still wating for the Twins to announce a two-year extension for manager Ron Gardenhire. I’ve heard the deal is pretty much done, but deals for the coaching staff haven’t been completed yet.

5:30 update: Adam Everett has filed for free agency, so the Twins’ 40-man is now down to 31.

Here are Friday’s filings, thanks to the player’s association:

Clark, Tony (1B)
Julio, Jorge (RP); Smoltz, John (SP)
Cintron, Alex        (SS)
Casey, Sean (1B); Colon, Bartolo  (SP); Schilling, Curt (SP)
Chicago Cubs
Blanco, Henry        (C); Lieber, Jon (RP);Wood, Kerry (RP)
Chicago White Sox
Hall, Toby (C); Ramirez, Horacio (RP)
Hairston Jr, Jerry (SS); Mercker, Kent (RP);Valentin, Javier (C)
Elarton, Scott (SP)
Melhuse, Adam (C)
Detroit Tigers
Wilson, Vance         (C)
Hendrickson, Mark (RP)
Ausmus, Brad        (C); Hawkins, LaTroy         (RP);Wolf, Randy (SP) 
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Oliver, Darren        (RP); Rivera, Juan (OF)
Los Angeles Dodgers
Garciaparra, Nomar (1B); Johnson, Jason (RP); Sweeney, Mark (1B) 
Everett, Adam        (SS)
NY Mets
Alou, Moises (OF); Armas Jr., Tony (RP); Ayala, Luis (RP); Martinez, Pedro (SP);  
Martinez, Ramon E (2B); Rincon, Ricardo (RP) 
Thomas, Frank (DH) 
Michaels, Jason (OF); Rivas, Luis (SS) 
San Diego
Prior, Mark (SP)
San Francisco
Aurilia, Rich (1B) 
Tampa Bay
Baldelli, Rocco (DH)
Parrish, John (RP) 
Perez, Odalis (SP)

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