A Little Hot Stove Talk

Posted on November 14th, 2008 – 1:53 PM
By La Velle

Joe C., Mrs. Joe C., and almost-ready-for-prime-time Baby C. (due date next month) are away for the weekend. And I am finally free of writing Gopher football-related stuff to get back to baseball.

I’m glad. The football SID is blaming my presence for their losses to Northwestern and Michgan, and one elderly local sportswriter yelled at me,“you are the Kiss of Death,” moments after the loss to Michigan.

“If I’m the Kiss of Death,” I replied. “Pucker up.”

Anyway, I’ve been asked to join Mr. Phunn on The Fan at 4:20 today to talk Twins and hot stove baseball. Little did I know then that the producer also lined up Twins manager Ron Gardenhire to join us for the segment. That’s right, Gardy, Phunn and III at 4:20 today on The Fan. Should be entertaining….

Don’t have any major news to report, yet. But I’m 99 percent sure I will have a free agent update here around 5 p.m. I know that doesn’t help those of you headed for happy hour, the cabin, deer-killing or to Madison for the Gophers loss, er, game against The Badge. But I need to verifty one more thing before spewing it out into cyberspace.

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