Setting up in Las Vegas

Posted on December 7th, 2008 – 7:58 PM
By La Velle

Baseball officials and media members are slowly arriving in Las Vegas for the start of MLB’s winter meetings, but it’s hard to tell as we’re weaving through a mass of humanity at the Bellagio Hotel.

I feared this. It will be tough this week to chase down baseball officials and agents through this busy place. Plenty of escape routes. Diversions everywhere.

It’s early and I’m just getting organized. But I will have a notebook in tommorrow’s paper that will include some of the following:

The Twins were still waiting to see if Dennys Reyes accepts their offer of arbitration before the 11 p.m. deadline tonight. I would be stunned if he did because the Twins only want him for one year and he’s a lock to get a three-year deal elsewhere.

Twins assistant GM Rob Antony said there would be less of an urgency to look for bullpen help if Reyes returns, but I’ve got to believe there would still be some sort of urgency. Maybe morderately urgent instead of five-alarm urgent.

But again, if Reyes accepts, I’ll be floored.

Nick Punto is here and will meet with interested clubs, including the Twins. He admitted  it would be tough for him to leave the team.

Someone claimed the lead singer of the band Rush was in the same area of the hotel I was in, but I have no idea what he looks like…..he’s a male, right?

Checked in on Garrett Atkins and I’m starting to think there might not be a match with the Twins. The Rockies want to hold onto him because Todd Helton had back surgery and no one is sure how he’ll bounce back from that. They might need Atkins to play first…

….but, the Rockies do need a corner outfielder and it might be easier to get them to move Huston Street.

The Veterans Committee tommorrow will announce if anyone received enough votes for the Hall of Fame. There a belief that Ron Santo has a shot but Tony O. should be in the running too.

It might be tough to hear from Tony if he wins – he’s in Cuba right now.

Finally, in case you were sitting on pins and needles about this, the winner of Eddie Guardado’s poker tournament held here over the weekend: Frank Thomas.

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