Afternoon update: Delmon Young rumors

Posted on December 8th, 2008 – 3:29 PM
By La Velle

For a team that claims it’s not shopping Delmon Young around his name sure keeps popping up around the Bellagio.

The Phillies apparently are doing due dilligence on Young now. The Twins do like shortstop Jason Donald, who’s coming off of a huge Arizona Fall League run.

I’ve talked to two baseball officials who know Donald. One described him as a true baseball player with great instincts. The other thought he needed to at least begin the year at Class AAA. Both felt Donald might wind up at third.

Also heard from one official that Giants might be interested in Young. This rumor was tossed out earlier this offseason, but it might be true because a Twins official told me right after the Casey Blake thing fell through that they would contact teams they’ve talked to in the past about infield help. Not sure who the Twins like on the Giants roster.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Twins are interested in Jack Wilson. This isn’t surprising because a Twins official indicated to me over the weekend that Wilson could land on their radar.

My problem is that Wilson is not that great of an offensive upgrade. They might as well bring back Nick Punto, who gets abused here way more than he should.

Adam Everett has signed with the Tigers.

Dennys Reyes might be on the Reds’ radar.

Add the Diamondbacks to teams interested in Punto.

More later….

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