Before you fire up the snowblower, here are more winter meetings updates

Posted on December 8th, 2008 – 6:17 PM
By La Velle

Just spoke with sources on both sides of the Delmon Young-to-the-Phillies rumor:

It would take more than Jason Donald for the Twins to make that deal. The Phillies are looking for a corner outfielder to replace Pat Burrell but because Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz are recovering from injuries, they feel inclined to hold onto Donald.

The sides have not spoken to each other lately - and there are no plans to meet in the near future.

Clarification: I do believe that the Phillies are interested in Young but there’s not anything heating up right now.

There also is nothing going on with San Francisco. That’s makes sense because the name of the player I was given – Jonathan Sanchez – didn’t make sense unless he was going in the bullpen. “That’s not happening,” I was told by a source.

So it seems as if this was the classic rumor that became bigger than it really was. I was talking with former major league catcher Brent Mayne about how rumors and gossip get out of control at the winter meetings and he said. “It’s like high school with cell phones and texting.”

Other news….

I haven’t had time to check other sites so this might already be out there,¬†but word is that the Dodgers have added a third year to their offer for Casey Blake. That takes the Twins out for sure. And the Indians had hoped Blake would give them a shot to sign him. Not now.

The Twins have some interest in Jack Wilson but Pittsburgh would have to pay some of his salary. And the person I spoke with said they would be better off signing Nick Punto back than trading for Wilson, even at half the cost.

Miguel Tejada is NOT an option.

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