Morning news and notes from Las Vegas

Posted on December 9th, 2008 – 10:55 AM
By La Velle

What’s up! Just getting organized before the rumor mill begins here at the Bellagio.

Here are some things I’ve heard since the last time I posted:

The Twins have had internal discussions about San Diego’s Kevin Kouzmanoff, Houston’s Ty Wigginton and Florida’s Jorge Cantu. What I couldn’t clarify is if the Twins have talked to these teams here or have scheduled talks yet. All it takes is a phone call to get something going.

Cantu is only 26 but isn’t strong defensively. Was told some Twins think Kouzmanoff is fine defensively while others are skeptical. And the Twins were very interested in Wigginton in 2007.

There is one report that Nick Punto met with the Phillies yesterday. If that’s true, Punto could indirectly help the Twins because he could be insurance for Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz, who are coming back from surgeries. That might help the Twins’ efforts to pry Jason Donald away. Just my theory.

Was told that Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is very fond of Punto.

Jack Wilson remains somewhere on the Twins radar, although the Pirates are in no rush to move him and likely would want a couple decent young players in return. And the Twins aren’t the only team grimacing at Wilson’s salary.

Ron Gardenhire will meet the press at 6 pm CST.

There are a lot of people here who think Twins’ first-round pick Aaron Hicks is an uber prospect. Some still think highly of him as a pitcher – he did hit 97 on the gun as a senior in high school. The Twins drafted him as an outfielder.

Boof Bonser has hired a trainer again this offseason and is working out – again. The Twins’ medical staff is being kept up to date on his progress. Several teams have asked about Bonser, who could get another shot to start if traded.

Torii Hunter will hold a press conference here at 1:15 pm – with Andre Agassi. The two are hooking up on a youth charity initiative. Can’t wait to see those two bald heads next to each other.

That’s all for now!

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