Making sense of it all

Posted on December 10th, 2008 – 10:46 PM
By La Velle

About 20 hours ago, I was led to believe that there was a chance the Twins could emerge as a third team in this whole Jake Peavy to the Cubs mess. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore, but the Twins could still have a chance for infielder Mark DeRosa.

It will be an interesting day here Thursday as Padres’ GM Kevin Towers and Cubs GM Jim Hendry try to close this deal.

The Padres remind me a little bit of the Twins last year when they tried to trade Johan Santana. In the end, there was one viable suitor. A full no-trade clause limited what offers were made.

San Diego might be in a tougher spot because Peavy obviously wants to play for the Cubs, the Cubs already have a very good rotation and don’t have to give up more than they want. Reporters for both teams on Wednesday said Towers seemed to be worn down and Hendry rather relaxed. That makes sense.

DeRosa could end up in the Peavy three-way trade, as the Phillies appear to be that third team. But the Cubs could deal DeRosa separately to either the Phillies or Twins. As of this writing, we all expected talks to last into the early morning.

It’s unclear who the Cubs want from the Twins for DeRosa. They need a left-handed hitting outfielder, but I was assured that a request for Jason Kubel had not been made yet. I don’t know if the Twins would deal him, anyway.

What I don’t  understand is if the Padres want pitching back and they don’t want to take on Jason Marquis’ $9.875 million salary (the Cubs have to dump salary to make this work) why can’t the Twins step in? 

The only reason I can come up with is that the Padres would want Kevin Slowey. They were itching to draft Slowey in 2005 and their draft room apparently went nuts when the Twins took him in the second round. Then Slowey pitched well against them in Petco Park this year. A lot of teams have asked about Slowey this offseason but I sense the Twins draw the line there.

Haven’t heard much more on other trade news, other than Delmon Young remains somewhere on Philly’s radar and there’s a chance the Rockies and Twins could talk again about Garrett Atkins. They aren’t interested in Jorge Cantu and, suddenly, Twins people are telling me there are no-trade problems with Adrian Beltre. He does have a limited no-trade but there were no indications during the season that the Twins were on it.

 And I haven’t heard a thing about relief help.

Well there’s one more day left in the winter meetings, but plenty of days left before spring training. It’s not time to be an alarmist but the Twins better do more this offseason than re-sign Nick Punto.

As I write this, the Tigers and Rays are holding a press conference about a Matt Joyce-for-Edwin Jackson trade. And the Mets, Indians and Mariners just pulled off a 12-player deal in which J.J. Putz goes to the Mets. The Mets are building a bullpen!

Man, the team I cover never makes a trade here….. 

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