No slugger or bullpen arm under the Twins’ X-Mas tree this week

Posted on December 22nd, 2008 – 5:24 PM
By La Velle

All indications are that this will be a slow week in Twinsland, as the club doesn’t appear to be close to any moves before Christmas.

They remain one of several teams interested in righthander Brandon Lyon. True, he’s a fly ball pitcher who is not overpowering, but he does have some history as a closer which, the Twins hope, would translate into reliability as a set-up man.

Indications are that the Twins won’t make a run at infielder Ty Wigginton. who is not know for his defense. I still believe he’s worth looking into – if you look beyond last season his home-road splits aren’t that bad – but the Twins appear to be looking elsewhere.

Haven’t heard anything new about their interest in the Cubs’ Mark DeRosa. For the Twins to land DeRosa, they probably would need a third team involved because the Cubs need a left-handed hitting outfielder and the Twins’ aren’t moving Jason Kubel

You look at the remaining free agent market, and it appears the best way for the Twins to upgrade is through a trade. But how would you respond if you asked about Huston Street and are told it would take Kevin Slowey and Denard Span as part of the deal?

The match that’s waiting to happen is the Twins and Brewers. GM Doug Melvin needs starting pitching badly. The Twins have starting pitching and prospects. But the words, “J.J. Hardy,”  haven’t been tossed into the discussion. I still think Bill Hall is decent player but he’s making $6.8M next year and $8.4M in 2010. It’s worth watching how the Brewers navigate through the rest of the offseason.

But it sure is different this offseason. By this time last year, the Twins had traded for Craig Monroe and Delmon Young and signed Mike Lamb and Adam Everett and were headed toward signing Livan Hernandez and trading Johan Santana. Other then the return of Nick Punto, it has been quiet. The Twins will have some explaining to do if they don’t beef up third base and don’t find a bullpen arm.

 It’s like what ES16 posted under Joe C.’s entry today:

Like many here, I’m getting frustrated with the Twins’front office this winter, but I keep telling myself there’s a lot of time yet. Something can still happen. If spring training starts and nothing has happened, then we all have good reason to be frustrated.

As beat writers, we only find out a certain percentage of things teams are working on, so t here’s always a chance the Twins could have a transaction or two up their sleeve before camp opens.

The baseball offseason seems to move slower and slower each year. I was packing for spring training when Santana was dealt. And Mark Teixeira, Brian Fuentes, Manny Ramirez and Derek Lowe are still looking for jobs. So there’s time to get something done.

I’m not sure how many updates there will be this week. Twins officials will begin to scatter for the holidays on Wednesday. There are two outs in the bottom of the ninth for the arrival of Baby C., so Joe Christensen is starting to hunker down with Mrs. Joe C.

If there’s news, we’ll have it here. But I’m going to focus on Christmas. And I hope all of you have a very merry one.

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