Twins are not, `in,’ on Joe Crede…….

Posted on January 9th, 2009 – 5:23 PM
By La Velle


Most of the vibe I’ve gotten from the Twins about free agent third baseman Joe Crede has been that his history of back problems is a bad match for their FieldTurf.

Then there was a note here that claims the Twins are in on Crede.  That kind of puzzled me.

Here’s an update: The Twins are looking at all options while trying to upgrade at third base. A healthy Crede is an upgrade at third base. But as you can see Crede hasn’t been healthy.

Crede, as of now, is working out at home located just outside Jefferson City, Mo. (I’ve been to Jeff-City). In a couple weeks, he’ll head to Arizona to work out and see where he’s at physically. It sounds like the Twins will be there to see where he’s at physically.

If Crede is healthy – and let’s it be known that he’s not afraid of FieldTurf for one season – the Twins could be interested THEN. But before we all break out pencils and try to figure out how much he’ll cost, he has to prove he can hold up. And his agent is Scott Boras, so a multi-year deal isn’t out of the question. And at what cost? Indications are that his decision might not come until right before camp opens.

 So it’s a little different from what I’ve heard earlier this offseason, but I still think it’s a longshot.


Speaking of working out, Chad Cordero worked out for several teams - including the Twins – on Friday.

But all he did was play long toss. I mean, how much can you learn from that? These things end up being a meet-and-greet with the agent, who’s on the scene.  I’ll eventually learn to ignore notes that claim a pitcher, “will throw for teams.” in January.


Single-game tickets for Twins spring training games go on sale tomorrow at 9 a.m. You can go to for more details.


The Twins have already met to discuss their spring training invite list. which I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s released sometime next week.

Clubs might bring in a couple extra players to make the clubhouses look full when other players take off for the World Baseball Classic. Especially pitchers. The Twins were shorthanded during the 2006 WBC and went to a back field at Fort Myers to see which minor leaguers showed up early. They found Matt Garza and brought him into camp.


Someone asked me who was on my Hall of Fame ballott. I didn’t know I was obligated to release such information before the results were announced.

But since you asked, I voted for Ricky Henderson. Bert Blyleven, Jim Rice, Andre Dawson and Lee Smith. I don’t have my ballot in front of me, but those are the ones I know for sure.


Don’t forget about this……and Twins pitchers and catchers report in 36 days…..

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