Evening update

Posted on January 19th, 2009 – 8:11 PM
By La Velle

 Heard from a source today that the Twins aren’t that far apart with righthander Eric Gagne but a second source cautioned that the club is looking at a handful of relievers and nothing was close. But it sounds like the Twins would like to get something done this week. It’s getting close to move-to-Florida time, so there should be a bunch of signings over the next couple of weeks.

Just heard about Joe Mauer’s comments to KMSP (good thing I had an early dinner tonight). Checked with assistant GM Rob Antony (who was still in his office). “Will he be ready to go all out the first day of camp. I wouldn’t say that,” Antony said. “But it won’t be an issue.”

If it was a knee, shoulder, foot or wrist surgery, I would be more concerned. It was a minor kidney surgery. Unfortunately for Mauer, whatever bugged him threw him off his offseason workout plans. I’m guessing he’ll be in the gym  a lot during the first few days of camp,

And wouldn’t it look strange if he was bouncing around camp as if nothing was wrong right after pulling out of the World Baseball Classic? I kind of expected him to ease into camp this year.

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