Good morning from Ft. Myers

Posted on February 16th, 2009 – 8:47 AM
By La Velle

Warning:The following entry contains no updates on Joe Crede or Juan Cruz. In fact, if I fail to mention either player in any entry, that means there is nothing new about the Twins’ attempts to land said player. We at the StarTribune baseball department will stop at nothing to acquire information, but sometimes we dig and come up with nothing. Or, as one player said to me yesterday, “are you still scavenging on Joe Crede news?”

Scott Baker looked at the sheet of paper and called it, “controlled chaos.”

It’s a long sheet of paper – I counted 64 lines of copy – that explains the time and place where spring drills will be conducted. It’s color coded, italicized at some places….and confusing.

“You should see the rookies when they come in and stare at the sheet,” Baker said.

It will take a few days for newcomers to decipher the work sheet.

Anyway, those scheduled to throw in the bullpen today include Baker, Jesse Crain, Joe Nathan and Boof Bonser. If I read the sheet correctly, Mike Redmond will catch knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, which should provide some entertainment.

Other notes:

Chatted up Glen Perkins about cigars this morning. We recently found out that we stop by the same smoke shop in Burnsville. And I’ve written here before about The Cigar Bar in Fort Myers. It’s a quality place.

Wilson Ramos, the Twins’ best catching prospect, certainly has the body to hit a few over the fence. I can’t wait to see him take batting practice.

Construction of the new scoreboard began Tuesday and looks nearly complete. Unfortunately, it looks a lot like the old one. But I was told that the LED lighting will make it much easier to read.

Kevin Slowey, a big Steelers fan, made a point to show me a t-shirt with Mike Tomlin’s face and the words, `Yes We Can!” below it. Nice.

Forgot to mention in the ink version that this is the second straight year Francisco Liriano is late for camp. Last year, it was visa issues. This year, it was a cancelled flight that you can’t blame him for. It still doesn’t look good on one’s resume’

The weather is a little crummy this morning. Overcast and in the upper 60′s. But I see blue skies to the West.

Fan attendance is down a little bit compared to last year’s first day. Guess that has to be expected because of the economy.

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