Thursday morning update

Posted on February 19th, 2009 – 8:02 AM
By La Velle

Found out something very interesting last night about Luis Ayala’s contract. It’s not guaranteed.

The Twins can cut Ayala up until 16 days before Opening Day and be on the hook for just 1/6th of his $1.3 million salary. If they cut him 15 days from the first pitch on in, they are on the hook for about 1/4th of the salary. The Twins have a little protection if Ayala doesn’t have a good spring.

More on Juan Cruz. If Cruz is moved as part of a sign and trade deal, Arizona is out a first-round pick and sandwhich round pick as compensation. That should influence the types of players the D-Backs would want in return for Cruz. It also stands to reason that several teams, and not just the Twins, would be in on Cruz if draft picks aren’t a factor.

But there are indications that Arizona can’t just sit back and demand a lot for Cruz. Cruz is making noises about sitting out until after the June draft, so Arizona would get nothing for compensation once Cruz signs with a club. So there’s motivation on their part to get something in return for him. The Twins have made a call to the league office to check on the change in the sign-and-trade rules. If they haven’t already been informed of the changes they should know today.

Boof Bonser is expected to throw today as he tries to work through tendonitis in his shoulder.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he wouldn’t mind bringing back lefthander Dennys Reyes, who has found the free agent market a little rougher than expected. When we asked GM Bill Smith about the possibility of Reyes’ price falling into their wheelhouse. Smith would only say that there have been no talks with Reyes’ agent.

Almost forgot: Reliever Chad Cordero worked out for a bunch of scouts yesterday, But one of Cordero’s handlers told me that he didn’t see any Twins scouts in attendance. That’s not to say they weren’t there, but there has been no confirmation of it. 

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