Twins-Yanks: Stepping up in class – Lineup change

Posted on February 28th, 2009 – 9:49 AM
By La Velle

Lots of reasons to watch today’s game on the MLB Network.

It will be Francisco Liriano’s spring debut.

Luke Hughes gets the start at third.

Jesse Crain, the key to the bullpen, and newcomer Luis Ayala are scheduled to pitch.

While it’s early in the schedule, I’m sure the Twins want to get on the bus back to Fort Myers after seeing some encouraging signs from these players and others.

The pitchers will be tested in the early innings – because the Yanks didn’t fake the funk with their lineup today.


Twins: 1. Span, RF. 2. Punto, SS. 3. Young, LF. 4. Kubel, DH. 5. Buscher, 1B. 6. Luke Hughes, 3B. 7. Tolbert, 2B. 8. Drew Butera, C. 9. Go-Go, cf. Pitching: Franchise, followed by Crain, Ayala, Keppel, Jones, Henn, Gabino.

Yankees: 1. Damon, LF. 2. Captain America, SS. 3. Tex, 1b. 4. A-Rod. 5. Swisher, RF. 6. Cano, 2B. 7. Molina, C.  8. Duncan, DH. 9. Melky, CF. Pitching: Joba.

Update: Posada out. Duncan in. So a tad less funk.,..

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