Waiting for Mauer news

Posted on March 10th, 2009 – 9:49 AM
By La Velle

Joe C. and I blitzed the clubhouse this morning to see if Joe Mauer was coming in for any kind of treatment (there were rumors that he was), but the clubhouse, batting cages and a gate to the field were all locked.

Moments later, someone with the club told me that Mauer was not coming in. So we’ll have to wait a day to get his thoughts of the latest developmentsĀ as he recovers from kidney surgery.

It did give us time to produce the latest reporter’s notebook, which will be posted on our website sometime this afternoon. You won’t need any hints to guess what today’s topic is!

Someone on this blog asked for more information about kidney obstructions. If order for us to get into that subject, we would need more information from Mauer. He’s provided few details and, frankly, he has the right to disclose as much information as he wants.

For background, check out this story. After reading this, I’m not sure I want to hearĀ all the gory details!

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