Twins continue to wait for word about Mauer

Posted on March 14th, 2009 – 3:54 PM
By La Velle

Twins GM Bill Smith told us a little while ago that he had not heard anything about Joe Mauer’s visit to Baltimore to see a specialist about his sore lower back.

Mauer was due back in Fort Myers this evening, so perhaps the Twins will know more by tomorrow at the latest.

Mauer has been unable to play all spring training because of inflammation in his right sacroiliac joint, which connects the lower back and pelvis. Mauer began feeling pain late last season, and a MRI revealed a kidney obstruction that was believed to be the reason for the pain. But the pain has persisted despite the kidney surgery being successful.

Smith was asked if he was getting nervous

“Long term? No.’’ he said. “No one has given me any reason to be and I hope they never do.’’

I know there’s a report out there about the Twins being interested in a certain former All-Star catcher – one who is now known for calling good games, I might add. I have not heard anything here about interest in him. That’s not to shoot it down totally, but it would make more sense for the Twins to wait to hear about Mauer’s visit to Baltimore before they start looking around for catching help.

And, as of now, there is nothing the Twins have heard that suggests Mauer will be out a long time.

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