Twins-Jays: Span tries to get better. Brock Peterson waits for his chance.

Posted on March 22nd, 2009 – 8:49 AM
By La Velle

I watched Denard Span work with hitting coach Joe Vavra in the cage this morning. “I hadn’t seen him around here in a few days,” Vavra said.

Vavra is trying to keep Span from opening up too soon as he swings. He’s been lifting his head and opening his shoulders a little too early. Span has great hitter’s hands – very quick through the zone. So it’s important for him to keep his head still, see the ball and trust that his quick hands won’t let him down.

Span had a pretty good sweat going as he emerged from the cage after about 30 minutes. “Did we get better today?” I asked. “I hope so,” he said.

Stay tuned for more Span coverage after the game…..

I went over to talk to Nick Punto for a couple minutes and ended up in a conversation with Brock Peterson, who dresses in the next stall.

“I’m loving every minute of this,” Peterson said of his time in camp.

Peterson, 25, isn’t considered a top prospect. He spent two years at Class A Fort Myers and nearly two seasons at Class AA New Britain before reaching Class AAA Rochester last August.

Peterson, a really good guy, knows it will be quite a moment if he ever reaches the majors. He was drafted in the 49th round out of W.F. West High in Washington State. He had two scholarship offers and probably would have gone to a community college if he didn’t sign with the Twins.

“I was 215 pounds coming out of high school,” he said. “and they told me I was too small to play college baseball.”

Can he get called up this season? It would take a lot of things to happen on the major league level for that to happen. But we’re seeing what happens to the bullpen battle when Boof Bonser is lost with an injury and another, Jose Mijares, doesn’t pitch well.

If Peterson makes it he’ll be the third-lowest Twins pick I’ve covered who has reached the majors. Denny Hocking was a 52nd round pick and Jason Maxwell was a 74th round pick. 

Our part-time columnist knocked one out of the park today while breaking down the roster. Drew Butera has a real shot to make the club. Ramos had NO chance (I’ll go off on that later). Gardy isn’t the only one to think that Kubel could stick as the No. 3 hitter – although that leaves a lot of right-handedness in the lineup after Morneau. I think Gardy is doing the right thing in running Kubel up in the three spot now to get him comfortable there – instead of waiting for the final days of camp to go with his preferred lineups.


Jays: 1. Russ Adams, RF. 2. Brad Emaus, 2B. 3. Adam Lind, LF. 4. Jason Lane, CF. 5. Michael Barrett, C. 6. Randy Ruiz, 1B. 7. Scott Campbell, 3B. 8. Kyle Phillips, DH. 9. Justin Jackson, SS. Pitching: Matt Clement.

Twins:  1. Span, CF. 2. Punto, SS. 3. Kubel, DH. 4. Morneau, 1B. 5. Crede, 3B. 6. Cuddyer, RF. 7. Young, LF. 8. Redmond, C. 9. Tolbert, 2B. Pitching: Scott Baker, plus Nathan, Mijares, Keppel.

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