A Trip to the Minor League Complex

Posted on March 24th, 2009 – 2:49 PM
By La Velle

I was supposed to stay in the pressbox and work on special section stuff today, but decided to walk down to the minor league complex and make sure Glen Perkins didn’t pull something during his outing.

Perkins pitched for Class A Fort Myers against Lancaster of the Astros chain. Perkins gave up one run over five innings and was given the option of just throwing in the bullpen or going back out for a sixth inning. Perkins elected to take the mound for the sixth – and ended up in a mini-mess.

The first batter got his bat busted but still grounded a single to right. With the next batter up, Jose Morales tried to pick off the runner at first but bounced a throw that Rene Leveret couldn’t handle. Runner advances to second.  Then a ball was hit to center that I thought Joe Benson had a chance to catch (it looked like Joe Benson) but it fell at his feet.

Runners were on second and third – somehow, I missed an out while I was watching something on a neighboring field. Perkins was pulled from the game because he had passed the 70-pitch mark. In came David Bromberg, who led the organization with 177 strikeouts last year. And after watching him pitch I could see why. He has quite a curveball and has some zip on his fastball.

He did walk a batter to load the bases - but got a strikeout and fly out to get out of the inning.

During all this, I kept being distracted by Class A Beloit vs Greenville on the next field – Aaron Hicks and friends were playing.

Hicks, the Twins No. 1 draft pick last June,  can throw and he looks very confident at the plate. He flied out in the one at-bat I saw but he’s got a quick bat.

Hicks’ at-bat came after Nick Papasan and James Beresford walked and Jenfred Brito was hit by a pitch to load the bases. Hicks ended up with a sacrifice fly to left. He’s a little thin but you’d expect him to add a little weight as he gets older.

Up came Angel Morales, who led Elizabethton with 15 homers in just 54 games last season. Morales took a called strike then mashed a fastball that was about knee-high, middle in. No doubt about it, three-run homer. Impressive.

Those are the highlights from today’s action.

A couple notes

Things don’t look good for infielder Paul Kelly, the Twins’ second round pick in 2005. He’s trying to come back from left knee surgery but was sent home for 2-3 months after doctors looked at it down here and said it’s not ready for action. “The problem is.” Twins minor league director Jim Rantz said, “We don’t know if that’s going to be a enough time.” Too bad for Kelly who, by all accounts, can play.

And, only because thrylos is wondering, Justin Huber homered yesterday.  

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