Punto lands on DL. Casilla recalled.

Posted on May 29th, 2009 – 10:16 PM
By La Velle

The Twins placed Nick Punto on the DL after the game. Brendan Harris will take over at short. Alexi Casilla will move in at second. Matt Tolbert will back them up.

More details later. On deadline…..

Update: O.K, I’m back.

First of all Ben, we still publish a newspaper. I had to finish the game story by 11 p.m. before I could come back here and add to this post. If you don’t understand that, that’s your problem.

Trish: I think I saw your friends in the pressbox before the game. One was wearing a Crede t-shirt. I haven’t seen many of those.

Thrylos: Trust me, I’m trying to nudge Morneau along with this. He said he hoped to have something done by the end of the road trip. We’ll see. I’m hoping he writes a lot about the team but he’s already planning to rip me for part of it. “Everyone rips me, that’s nothing new,” I told him.

About the move: Gardy was agitated before the game that he didn’t have middle infielder available off the bench. So we kind of got the idea then that something would go down.

I asked Gardy what would he have done in the eighth if Harris had gotten on and Tolbert had to hit. “I would have done something,” he said. Then he said he might have sent Delmon Young up to pinch hit, then used him in the infield. Wow.

Punto told me he needed a couple more days. But Gardy wanted backup. Casilla  has been getting his hits and trying to play consistently good defense. He was a wreck when he got sent out. Hopefully he had time to clear his head.

Good for Tolleson. The Twins were high on their middle infield at New Britain. Tolleson carries himself very well. I think if he was called up to the majors right now he could handle it mentally. The Twins also like Brian Dinkleman at New Britain. Terry Ryan thinks he has leadership qualities.

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