Good morning from the land of the Range Rover

Posted on July 26th, 2009 – 10:11 AM
By La Velle

The Twins will try to see if they can escape Southern California with at least one win when rookie Anthony Swarzak – the last Twins pitcher to last seven innings – takes the ball today against the Angels.

But I want to look ahead right quick to the upcoming series against the White Sox.

The notes yesterday had TBA starting on Monday and Wednesday – save the, `TBA is -180 vs Twins,’ jokes, O.K.  I just thought that was odd.

But, the Sox have been worried about a circulatory problem John Danks had that originated at the Dome on July 10. Read about that here.

And Chicago is leaning toward starting Bartolo Colon on Wednesday and push Gavin Floyd back a day. Apparently, the Sox feel Colon can hold runners better. Doesn’t Chicago know that the Twins are a home run-or-bust team now?

Some trade updates: I reported in today’s paper about the Twins’ interest in Toronto’s Marco Scutaro but since Scutaro is tied to Roy Halladay being dealt, I think the Twins are working with Oakland right now.

The sense I’m getting is that the Twins know Pittsburgh’s Freddy Sanchez is the best fit for the lineup. He could slip right in as the No. 2 hitter. But it sounds like the Twins are trying to land Orlando Cabrera and reliever Michael Wuertz, which would give them bullpen help as well as a decent starting shortstop.

The problem is that, while Cabrera is on fire at the plate right now, he’s really not a No. 2 hitter because he doesn’t draw a lot of walks. OBP should drive the decision when Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Jason Kubel are due up.

(By the way, is it time to nickname those three guys? Minnesotans seem to like catchy names. Miami Vikes, MVP3, M&M boys, Baby Jesus, All Day, etc).

I think if the Twins were dealing just for Cabrera the could have the thing wrapped up by now. I think they are trying to get Wuertz added to the deal. Wuertz is good, and he’s a local product. But he still has arbitration life, which makes him more valuable. I’ve been unable to find out what Oakland is looking for in return for these players.

Getting back to Sanchez. not only should they not be afraid to add his salary (if they can’t deal with Oakland) they should also add two years to his contract. Not at $8 million per. But, based on last year’s free agent signings, he will cost less.

Spend a little of the million they are making. Trade some prospects. It’s time to win NOW with the M&M boys at the height of their powers and Joe Nathan peaking. Let’s go, front office!

We’ve been here before with the Twins talking trades at deadlines. Will they follow through this year? We’ll see.

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