Deadline day update

Posted on July 31st, 2009 – 11:20 AM
By La Velle

The Twins had their phone lines going well into this morning. Unless there was a breakthrough this morning that we haven’t heard of, the feeling I got was that they weren’t close to making a deal.

ESPN reported last night that the Twins and A’s were making progress on a deal for shortstop Orlando Cabrera. That was not the sense I got after late evening communication. USA Today is reporting this morning that the A’s asking price was too much for the Twins. That’s in line with what Joe C. and I have heard for days. It’s unclear if Oakland has  moved off their demand for third baseman Danny Valencia.

There  is a belief that Oakland’s Billy Beane will play this up to the 3 p.m. deadline before lowering his demands.

Meanwhile, the Tigers have dealt for lefty Jarrod Washburn, a move that makes them the favorite in the A.L. Central. Instead of going after a bat, the Tigers – more of a pitching and defense team this season – strengthened their rotation. Luke French and Mauricio Robles weren’t listed among the Tigers’ top ten prospects by Baseball America heading into the season.

Not sure if there’s another starting pitcher out there that the Twins can deal for. But I’m surprised that the Twins couldn’t land Washburn based on what Detroit gave up.

There’s a belief that the Twins might look toward David Eckstein or Adam Kennedy for middle infield help. The front office feels the heat about making a deal. While I doubt they will make an impact trade, they might make a move just to show they did SOMETHING.

Joe C. and I are double-teaming this one up to the deadline. Will let you know if we hear something…anything….

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