From the huddle with Gardy

Posted on October 8th, 2009 – 11:37 AM
By La Velle

Thanks to Mike Herman of the Twins baseball communications department, we were able to grab Twins manager Ron Gardenhire following his main press conference to get more details on Jesse Crain’s sore groin muscle.

But it led to some interesting stuff from the Twins manager about Game 1 and the state of his team.

Gardenhire could have said nothing about Crain just to keep the Yankees guessing, but didn’t.

 “I’m not hiding anything from them,” Gardenhire said. “I think I should let you guys know. That’s important. If he can’t pitch tomorrow night, you guys are going be going, `What happened to Crain? Well, he’s hurt.’ I don’t like that stuff. If you have something, just tell them.”

Crain was one of several players to get treatment on Thursday. Gardy was optimistic Crain would be available Friday.

“I didn’t throw,” Crain said. “I just did some cardio and some stretching and got in the hot tub. It felt better after all that stuff.” 

I asked Gardy if that affected his bullpen decisions. Nope. Francisco Liriano was 0-1 with a 3.18 ERA in two starts against the Yankees this season and has a career 2.77 ERA against him. My take on this is that Liriano has had such a poor season and was on the bubble to make an 11-man postseason staff before the Twins decided to go with 12 pitchers (although Liriano probably would have gotten the nod over Bobby Keppel because he’s a lefty).

“Keppel, really didn’t want to go  to him,” Gardenhire said. “He had thrown too many (on Tuesday). So you’re looking long (relief) more than anything else. We thought about trying to go inning-by-inning but those guys have thrown.”

Brian Duensing’s pitch to Alex Rodriguez was the moment that jumped out at him the most. He said pitching coach Rick Anderson told Duensing to be careful with the All-Star because the chances were good that he would chase something off the plate. But Duensing grooved a pitch.

“We gave  up A-Rod’s first (postseason) RBI in five years,” he said. “Chrysler.”

Joe Mauer also came in for treatment.

“Joe, he’s a little sore,” Gardenhire said. “Play all night and fly all night. You couldn’t tell by his swing but he’s a little more sore, so he came in and got some treatment. And I think this is going to be a beautiful day off for him, Get some treatment and relax.

“He’s the one guy you really worry about. He’s taken a beating. You play a marathon game then fly until 4:30 in the morning.”

And as Joe C. mentioned in his blog, I did get stuck in the elevator with six other scribes for 20 minutes today. And, yes, I texted Joe a question to ask Gardenhire. While other people in the nervous in the elevator, I was  cool. We were on the ground floor and just had to wait for someone to pry the door open. I might have felt differently if we had been a few floors up.

But the issue I have is with the Yankees and their $1.5 billion tribute to themselves? The elevator breaks down in the first year? Really?

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