Sunday night notes

Posted on October 25th, 2009 – 11:42 PM
By La Velle

The Yankees have just knocked off the Angels to reach the World Series and look more than capable of knocking off the Phillies to win another World Series. With an excellent lineup, C.C. Sabathia able to start three games, talented relievers and the best closer in the history of the game, the Yankees will beat Philadelphia in five games. 

But here are a few other things to get you going as the start of the work week is hours away.

Morneau checks in

I e-mailed Justin Morneau last week after one of my spotters spotted him in the Wild clubhouse with his hand wrapped up. I wanted to know how his surgery went.

He got back to me over the weekend and didn’t seem too worried:

“Hand is feeling better,” he wrote. “Get the cast off this week and it should be good as new in about 4 weeks. They found a floating chunk of bone that kind of looked like a tooth but no tendon or ligament damage. Went as good as it could go.”

Morneau’s hand should be healed from surgery by the end of the year – as should the stress fracture in his lower back that ended his season in September.

I remember talking with Michael Cuddyer during last offseason when he was coming off a 2008 that included so many injures. “I’ve  never been more motivated to have good season,” he said then. Cuddyer went on to have a nice comeback year.

The guess here is that Morneau will feel the same way once he gets the go-ahead to resume workouts.

Spring Training neighbor?

This isn’t just about Boston’s deal with Lee County to move  their spring headquarters a few miles south of their current downtown location (which – cough, cough – will put the Red Sox near the Twins’ ticket-buying base).

This isn’t only about the Orioles, who will move from Fort Lauderdale to Sarasota next year.

This isn’t just about how Fort Myers wants to replace the Red Sox downtown with another team, like the Brewers or Nationals.

This is about Naples, Fla., whose leaders have long had a, `we’re-above-that,’ view of spring training.

Naples is changing its mind. Well, it looks like there’s one team city leaders wouldn’t mind building a facility for.

The Cubs.

New Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has met with Naples officials about building a facility on 120 acres in Collier County. Here are more details. The Cubs can leave Mesa, Ariz after 2012 for a $4.2 million buyout.

Twins fans who have made the trip to Florida know that spring training travel in Florida can be a pain. But if all of this is pulled off, there would be three teams in the Fort Myers area plus the Cubs down I-75. Twins-Brewers spring games? Red Sox-Cubs spring games? With the Rays now in Port Charlotte and the Orioles in Sarasota, travel times could drastically improve in few years.

For more background, read this recent story.

Some one liners

Yes, my Bears stink right now.

Yes, my Illini are the worst football team in the Big Ten.

Yes, the weekend stunk for me.

If you see my byline under a Wolves headline this week – or occasionally over the next several weeks – don’t jump to conclusions. We’re just trying to give Jerry Zgoda a break. Joe C. will be on the clock the next few days, and we’ll both be around later in the week if there’s Twins news to report.


Congratulations to Darren, `Doogie’ Wolfson and Laura Malat, who tied the knot over the weekend. It was great to see many of my friends at the ceremony and the reception. And, I must say, the Malat sisters know how to dominate a dance floor!

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