Mid-morning update

Posted on December 8th, 2009 – 11:26 AM
By La Velle

Twins players and pitching coach Rick Anderson remained in contact with pitcher Carl Pavano in recent days, reminding him constantly how much they wanted him to be a part of the 2010 team.

“He feels tremendously comfortable in Minnesota,” Pavano’s agent, Tom O’Connell said. “He has tremendous respect for his teammates and thinks they are united in trying to win.

“We had to explore free agency, no doubt. But, at the end of the day this was a very easy decision because has made a lot of money in his career and its important to win a championship and the Twins give him the best opportunity to win.”

We’ll see. I think Pavnao brought a lot to the rotation down the stretch. If he didn’t want to pitch to a guy, he would professionally walk him, and go get the next guy. That’s something the rest of the staff can definitely learn from. `Veteran savvy’ is a term that gets thrown around a lot. But Pavano has it. He’s going to have runners on base. He’s going to be slow to the plate and will give up stolen bases. But he doesn’t let it get to him.

As I’ve written before, it’s going to be interesting watching competition for spots on the pitching staff. There might be nine spots already filled. And what if Pat Neshek really is all the way back from elbow surgery?

Ran into the guys from Baseball America this morning. They are working on their top ten Twins prospects list and are leaning toward making Aaron Hicks No. 1 again. Sounds like their top four might go: 1. Hicks. 2. Wilson Ramos. 3. Kyle Gibson. 4. Ben Revere.  Adrian Salcedo has a chance to crack their top ten. 

I’m not exaggerating. Baseball officials and media folk continue to hammer me about Target Field not having a roof.  I’m not putting up much of a fight.

Haven’t heard much about the Twins’ plans for third base here. But I do know that the Padres would like to talk to them about Kevin Kouzmanoff and the agents for Pedro Feliz would like a moment of their time, too. San Diego might be interested in Glen Perkins, who could be had.

Another Twin would could be more available than others: Boof Bonser.

The Marriott is a reporter’s and scout’s dream. We all are members of the Marriott rewards program, so we’re all getting points this week. The problem is that the concierge lounge has been packed in the mornings. But it’s also led to some interesting group discussions.

This morning, I sat with media members from Philadelphia, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Boston and Arizona. We decided that the three places the winter meetings should be held at are: 1. New Orleans, 2. Las Vegas and 3. Orlando. And that the best pressboxes in the league are: 1. Seattle. 2. Baltimore and 3. Anaheim.

Then, I had to answer questions about heaters in the Target Field pressbox. Aren’t they happy that they can stay at the City Center Marriott and walk to the park every day?

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