Evening update

Posted on December 9th, 2009 – 7:00 PM
By La Velle

Just got out the Twins suite and it appears that the club made little progress on the acquisition front. When you spend more time shooting the bull with the GM than discussing topics, you get the sense that there’s not much going on.

Their search for a third baseman will likely continue well beyond the end of the winter meetings. San Diego continues to ask for too much for Kevin Kouzmanoff (although they really want to trade him and make room for Chase Headley). The Twins just won’t give up more than Glen Perkins.

Mark DeRosa is asking for more years and money than clubs are willing to spend right now, but that could change as the third base market remains fairly saturated. Twins remain interested,

Twins GM Bill Smith said some clubs have called about righthander Boof Bonser, who was designated for assignment on Tuesday. I think the odds are against a trade because the Twins will be forced to make him a free agent on Saturday, so clubs can wait and just sign him without giving up anything.

Word in the lobby is that the Dodgers might be interested in Bonser.

Heard the Twins offered Boof $550,000 earlier in the offseason, but that offer was turned down. I think it’s a gamble for someone coming off of shoulder surgery to take such a stand, but part of the plan might be too find a club that offers a better chance to start.

Heard the Twins have had no contact with the agent for infielder Orlando Hudson.

Heard that Rich Harden might land with the Rangers.

Indications are that the Twins just aren’t feeling Pedro Feliz.

That’s all for now, but you never know when things will develop.

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