While you were sleeping….

Posted on December 9th, 2009 – 2:37 AM
By La Velle

Heard tonight that the Twins are very interested in free agent infielder Mark DeRosa. There will be more on this in a few hours, as I’m dead tired after a night of grazing through the hotel lobby and talking to folks about Milton Bradley, Ross Gload, Illinois-Vanderbilt basketball, flip cameras, Peter Gammons, Ron Gardenhire, Sparky Anderson, Jim Leyland, the Arizona Diamondbacks, Jason Kubel, newspapers, the Big Red Machine, the Twins batting order, Glen Perkins, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Delmon Young, Larry Young, Dmitri Young, Joe Mauer, Curtis Granderson, being ordained, snowstorms, Patrick Reusse and wake up calls, media relations and any move the Twins are trying to make. Goodnight….

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