Thursday morning update

Posted on December 10th, 2009 – 7:32 AM
By La Velle

The Rule 5 draft is roughly 30 minutes away, but the Twins look to be spectators and not participators this year. They have the 20th pick in the major league phase and have talked about players. But they don’t see a fit for where they are drafting. Plus, their 40-man roster is full.

“At this time we are at 40,” Twins GM Bill Smith said. “While that’s subject to change, we don’t anticipate altering our roster before (the draft).”

We will be present at the event, anyway.

One development on the trade front. One AL team that has been in touch with the Twins was told that Boof Bonser, Glen Perkins AND Alexi Casilla were available. Casilla was a mild surprise. He disappointed the Twins last season and they have the scrappy Matt Tolbert to help back up the infield.

Teams will begin to pack up and leave after the draft. Not the Twins. They always attend a minor league banquet on the last day of the meetings. We are scheduled to meet with Smith after the draft, then we’ll begin to wrap up this year’s winter meetings.

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