Retro Fit

Posted on January 25th, 2009 – 10:51 AM
By Jason Hammond

In our old house we had a fairly nice sized master bedroom, especially when considering the period and style of our home. However, it was oddly shaped making the location and positioning of our King-sized bed very limited, and as a result we had no side tables in our bedroom. Not having side tables meant that the placement of things link lamps and alarms clocks were nowhere within reach.  This inconvenient lead us to make sure that although, we were not doing a bedroom that was significantly larger than our old one we were going to ensure that it was designed to accommodate our bed.With one solution there always seems to come another challenge. In our case the added space around our bed provided us with ample room on both sides for side tables. However, we didn’t own any side tables, nor were we in the mood to spend $300 to get some of the ones we had seen  and liked. We considered building our own side tables but then Stacy found some affordable (around $120) hi-gloss white cabinets via CB2, a division of Crate & Barrel that offers modern furnishings at lower price point.

When the tables arrived they were easy to assemble, going together much of the furniture from IKEA (except a little more square based, on our previous experiences with this type of assembly).  PLacing thetables up to the sides of our bed we came to the conclusion that they were a bit low in relationship to the height of our bed. Not to be frustrated or discouraged by this we decided to remove the legs on the tables and mount them to the wall using some 3 1/2 framing screws, being careful to place to the screws behind the divider shelf so they would be obscured from view. The final result is well positioned floating cabinets at each side of our bed, and the next challenge, find side table lamps that better fit the space.

The master bedroom at our old house was a nice size, but the strange shape and positioning of doors meant the location of the bed was very limited.

The tables were too low for us to be able to access the shelves or see an alarm clock clearly.

By mounting the tables to the wall we were able to raise them to a height that better fit with the bed.

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