Thursday, July 25, 1940: His foot is no fish

Posted on July 11th, 2007 – 10:42 AM
By Ben Welter

I caught up with the subject of this page one photo — yes, page one! — and found that the real story was far less interesting than the dunderheaded self-impalement suggested by a Minneapolis Star caption writer. A brief interview follows.

His Foot Is NO Fish

But he thought it was, and speared it.

Albert Wentland, 13, 153 N. Cedar Lake road, knows that fish have no feet.

Therefore, when his fish spear stabbed into a foot while he was fishing at Bassett’s creek today, he knew something was wrong.

Something was.

It was his own foot. The damage was repaired at General hospital.

JULY 2007 UPDATE: Albert Wentland, now 80, lives in north Minneapolis. He and his wife will be celebrating their 55th anniversary in August. They have six children.

What does he remember about that day nearly 67 years ago?

“I was down at Bassett Creek with my spear, and I was running along the bank, and I tripped and fell on the spear. It was stuck in the side of my ankle, hooked on a blood vessel. I was right next to Glenwood Inglewood. One of the drivers saw me. They called an ambulance and it came and got me. … I ended up working [as a driver] at Glenwood Inglewood for 40 years.”

Did the spearing hurt? “Oh, a little bit. I didn’t cry or anything.” He did get a ribbing from friends and relatives after his photo appeared in the paper.

What was he fishing for that day? “We usually speared carp in the creek there. We’d just throw ’em up on the bank. It was just something to do. We didn’t have any money to do anything else.”

Does he still go fishing? “As much as I can. I’m not a specialist. I go fishing for fish. Usually with a beer in one hand and a pole in the other.”

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