Tuesday, May 28, 1968: Maureen Reagan in town

Posted on May 27th, 2008 – 10:43 PM
By Ben Welter

Maureen Reagan, eldest daughter of Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, visited the Twin Cities in May 1968 to promote her “new record album” of “positive and happy and pro-American songs.” It wasn’t exactly a chart-buster. A Google search turns up a single reference to “Guess Who’s Happy at Home”: You could have bought a copy of the album for $1.54 a few years ago via Yahoo Auctions.


Singer Accentuates the Positive

Minneapolis Tribune Staff Writer

(Album) cover girl: Maureen Reagan stopped by the Star and Tribune building to pose for staff photographer Powell Krueger.

“Too many people are making money denouncing free enterprise,” said Maureen Reagan, who was in Minneapolis Monday promoting her new record album of “pro-American” songs.

Miss Reagan, 27, is the daughter of California Gov. Ronald Reagan and his first wife, actress Jane Wyman. Miss Reagan, a tall slender blonde, is pleasantly enthusiastic about her activities, which are politics and singing.

“I just really feel that too many people in this country are negative about America,” she said. “I love this country and I want to tell people so. So most of the songs in my new album, ‘Guess Who’s Happy at Home,’ are – oh, not patriotic – that word makes people think of John Phillip Sousa – just positive and happy and pro-American.”

“I MEAN, some of them are love songs, but they all have a kind of positive emphasis, like ‘Dream the Impossible Dream,’ ‘Never Let Freedom Die,’ ‘Going to the Mountain’ and ‘Step to the Rear.’ ”

During the day, Miss Reagan visited on radio stations WCCO, KQRS, WLOL and WWTC and appeared on the Henry Wolf show on KSTP.

When speaking about some of the odd calls she had received during one show, Miss Reagan laughed and said, “Oh, I’m used to that – you know with all the sunshine we have in California, we grow a lot of fruits and nuts out there.”

Miss Reagan, who lives in San Diego and has an apartment in Springfield, Ill., still manages to see her famous father frequently.

“I HAD DINNER with him last Tuesday – along with a few hundred other people at a political fundraising dinner. We didn’t get to talk much, but we always communicate so well.”

Miss Reagan said she is often asked to try to talk her father into running for the presidency, but refuses to do so.

“Oh, I’m sure he would be very good at it; he’s good at everything he does. But that’s such a wearing job and one can never again have any kind of private life. And, you know, my father is still a relatively young man and he has young children.”

Reagan’s other children are Michael, 23, who races hydroplanes in California; Patty, 15, and Ronnie, 10.

Miss Reagan has been active in California Republican women’s organizations since 1960 and traveled over 60,000 miles last year on GOP fund-raising missions.

“But all I’ve done about the (California) primary is send in my absentee ballot,” she said.

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