Friday, March 1, 1935: Correct Manners

Posted on January 8th, 2006 – 6:52 PM
By Ben Welter

An etiquette column by Mrs. Cornelius Beeckman appeared in the Minneapolis Star in the late 1930s. For a more recent take on the handshake question, see GQ’s Style Guy.

Correct Manners
By Mrs. Cornelius Beeckman


Dear Mrs. Beeckman:

When a young man is introduced to a girl, is it right to shake hands with her?


I can quickly dispell all of your embarrassment by telling you one important fact — that a man should wait for a woman to offer her hand for a handshake, at an introduction or at any other time. So be alert to see if she is going to offer her hand for a handshake, but don’t be so alert that you offer your hand first.

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