Wednesday, May 1, 1946: Advice from Dorothy Dix

Posted on May 11th, 2006 – 10:59 PM
By Ben Welter

Writing under the pen name Dorothy Dix, columnist Elizabeth Gilmer (1870-1951) offered advice to readers suffering personal, emotional and, apparently, hosiery problems. She had a bit of a reputation for inventing questions, giving rise to the term “dixer” in political circles in Australia and the United Kingdom. Dix’s syndicated column, read by millions in papers across the United States, ran in the Minneapolis Star-Journal in the 1940s.

Wife Is Advised
Not to Make Issue
Of Stocking Deals


Dear Dorothy Dix: I have been married a great many years and during all that time I have never known my husband to do anything crooked behind my back, but for the past four or five weeks he has been buying nylon stockings at a certain hosiery shop. Not less than two pairs per week for some woman.

I don’t know how long he has been doing this, but soon she will have enough to open a shop.

The part that hurts is that he knows that I have been running all over town trying to get nylons and I have only been lucky enough to get one pair.

Should I say something to my husband about it, or just let it ride?


ANSWER: It would be too bad to have a rift in your happy married life over a pair of stockings, so my earnest advice to you is to just let it ride.

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