Sunday, May 26, 1935: Bambino’s last home run

Posted on May 20th, 2006 – 2:55 PM
By Ben Welter

In the final mediocre weeks of his Hall of Fame career, playing for the lowly Boston Braves, Babe Ruth enjoyed one last spectacular afternoon. On May 25, 1935, against the Pirates, he went 4-for-4, with a single, three home runs and six RBI. The third homer, No. 714, was later judged to have traveled 600 feet, the longest ever hit at Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field.

It wasn’t enough. The Pirates won the game 11-7, and Ruth, batting just .181, retired a week later. This wire service account of his final three homers appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune. His career total isn’t even mentioned.

Ruth Hits 3 Homers,
But Braves Lose, 11-7

Babe Drives in 6 Runs –
Cards Beat Dodgers –
Reds Down Phils.

Pittsburgh, May 25 – Rising to the glorious heights of his heyday, Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat, crashed out three home runs against the Pittsburgh Pirates Saturday but they were not enough and the Boston Braves took a[n] 11-7 defeat before a crowd of 10,000 at Forbes field.

Babe Ruth in Minneapolis
Babe Ruth showed off his big swing in what must have been an exhibition game at Nicollet Park in Minneapolis around 1925. (Photo courtesy of

The stands rocked with cheers for the mighty Babe as he enjoyed a field day at the expense of Pitchers Red Lucas and Guy Bush, getting a single besides the three circuit blows in four times at bat and driving in altogether six runs.

Ruth left the game amid an ovation at the end of the Braves’ half of the seventh inning and after his third home run – a prodigious clout that carried clear over the right field grandstand, bounded into the street and rolled into Schenley park. Baseball men said it was the longest drive ever made at Forbes field.

In his first appearance at the plate, the Bambino drove the ball into the stands, scoring Urbanski ahead of him. Lucas was the victim. Again in the third, while Guy Bush was pitching, the Babe found his eye and mashed one that landed on top of the stands. Mallon was on base at the time. In the seventh, Ruth line out a single to score Mallon again. His last home run drove Bush out of the box and Waite Hoyt finished the game.

Meanwhile, the Pirates pecked away freely at the offerings of three Boston pitchers and managed to keep up the Babe’s tremendous pace in so far as scoring runs was concerned.

The Pirates sewed up the game with Tommy Thevenow’s double coming with the bases loaded in the seventh while Ben Cantwell was pitching for the Braves. Pep young, rookie third baseman, subbing for the ailing Pie Traynor, hit a home run earlier for the Pirates.

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