Spoon’s 1st night at the Ave

Posted on October 11th, 2007 – 10:48 AM
By Chris Riemenschneider

The timing worked out great for catching Spoon at First Ave right after Wilco (see full review of both shows here).They went on a little after 11 and only played a little over 80 minutes. Of course, for this band, 80 minutes amounts to a lot of songs. I loved the chronological aspect of the show, starting with two songs of 1998′s “A Series of Sneaks” (too bad they didn’t go all the way back to “Telephono,” which theyrarely do), and ending thepre-encore set with the best songs off the new “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” (did I get the right number of Ga’s?). The crowd’s favorite stuff was in between, the songs off “Kill the Moonlight” and especially “Gimme Fiction.”

1. Utilitarian / 2. The Minor Tough / 3. The Fitted Shirt (personal fave #1) / 4. Anything You Want/ 5. Small Stakes / 6. The Way We Get By / 7. Stay Don’t Go / 8. Vittorio E. / 9. The Beast and Dragon, Adored (personal fave #2) / 10. Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine / 11. Mathematical Mind / 12. I Summon You/ 13. I Turn My Camera On / 14. Don’t Make Me a Target / 15. The Ghost of You Lingers / 16. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb / 17. The Underdog / 18. Black Like Me

Encore: 19. Chips & Dip / 20. Me and the Bean / 20. Don’t You Evah / 21. Quincy Punk Episode

Wednesday’s show wasat capacity, so if you hope to make tonight’s early all-ages gig, getthere extra early if you don’t have a ticket. There are plenty of songs they could’ve but didn’t play on Wed. Share your thoughts if you were there.

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Erik T. says:

October 11th, 2007 at 12:23 pm

A great show, and the sound at First Ave was sublime. Didn’t know that you could pull off the Wilco/Spoon double bill. Congrats on witnessing a great night of music. My thoughts on the show…Cheers!

About one hour into Spoons sold-out show at First Ave, I began to be concerned about the bands opinion of their new record. For me, Ga(x5) is one of my favorite albums of the year, and I was very excited to hear how those songs translate live. Well, more than halfway into the show, Spoon had yet to play a new song. Not that I am complaining-far from it. To start the show off with the choice older nugget, ‘Utilitarian’ from 1998’s “A Series Of Sneaks,” and keep that going with ‘A Minor Tough’ from the same record, and “Girls Can Tell” standout ‘Fitted Shirt,’ was a hell of a way for the band to say welcome to our back catalogue, we’ve been writing hits for years. By the time they kicked into the first two tracks from 2002’s excellent “Kill The Moonlight,” ‘Small Stakes’ and the rousing ‘The Way We Get By,’ I realized they were going chronologically through their albums. Fine by me. And the sound was incredible. The dueling two-part guitar bits buzzed through the speakers, while the keyboards added a nice accompaniment to Britt Daniel’s shredding. And shred he did, barely finishing a guitar solo before attacking his next verse, Britt was loose and in top form throughout the show, working up quite a sweat under the minimal but effective lighting against the plain white sheet backdrop. And by the time the band got to 2005’s ‘Gimme Fiction,’ they had the enthusiastic audience completely won over. And the band was won over as well, causing Britt to remark, “You guys are a nice audience. I mean, we’ve got a lot of very attractive people in the crowd. You guys are great, this must be the 21-up show.” And with that, they tore into a string of songs from “Fiction” that had everyone shaking something-‘The Beast & Dragon, Adored’ was epic and grand, featuring an extended guitar jam by Britt, ‘Monsieur Valentine’ was swinging and funky, ‘My Mathematical Mind’ was my favorite song of the evening, brimming with energy and building to an apocalyptic crescendo, helped by Jim Eno’s relentless drumming. After an impassioned version of ‘I Summon You,’ and a spirited version of ‘I Turn My Camera On’ it was time for the “Ga” songs. And despite the fact that the two piece horn section featured on the album and on their recent performance on Saturday Night Live was missing, the new material had a depth, maturity, and downright catchiness that makes Spoon one of the best American rock acts going these days. And now it made sense to me- it seemed like the band wanted to be in high gear by the time they got to the new material, using the older material almost as a warm up, so by the time they got to the new songs they were cooking. Starting with a fiery version of the album opener ‘Don’t Make Me A Target,’ the band continued on to the sonically challenging ‘The Ghost Of You Lingers,’ that had the speakers rattling with the crushing effects and feedback that make this song completely unique in the Spoon canon. It’s a wonderfully touching song, hid beneath the layers of noise, guitars and keyboard effects, and it had the room mesmerized. ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb’ and ‘The Underdog’ (coincidentally the two songs the band played on SNL) were next, and they got the crowd dancing and cheering with their unadulteratingly charming pop hooks. The first time I heard ‘Black Like Me,’ I knew not only that it would sound amazing live, but that more than likely it would be a set/show closer, perfect to end the night on. And sure enough, the main set was closed by a mesmerizing version of the tune, with Britt on acoustic guitar, pleading for someone to take care of him tonite. And the packed club did it’s part taking care of the band and showing them the love they deserve after treating us to brilliant record after brilliant record. But the enthusiastic crowd wanted more, and the band delivered with a solid four song encore that gradually built up the momentum, finally closing out with a groovy (do people even use that word anymore?) version of ‘Don’t You Evah’ followed with the raucous closer ‘Quincy Punk Episode,’ that had Britt yelling ‘Yeah!’ to the crowd afterwards, which was all he had to say. It signified that they nailed their set that night, and the crowd helped bring that out of them. It was a rousing night of straight forward rock n’ roll that had everyone buzzing, and has me seriously considering doing it all over again tonight at the all ages show.

Stu says:

October 11th, 2007 at 1:07 pm

They had the best set at this year’s ACL, and that was without “Utilitarian.” Sounds like it was close to perfect. I’m envious.

Erin says:

October 11th, 2007 at 1:10 pm

Wow. Erik T pretty much nailed it. It was an amazing show.

solace says:

October 11th, 2007 at 2:47 pm

going tonight!

i thought of heading over after Wilco, but decided to try and hit up Dr. Dog at the 400 (some of the Wilco members were going over there after the gig apparently as well), but i was too damn tired and exhausted.

i’m sure it was a great show though, Dr. Dog are great and their show at the 400 earlier this year was a blast.

Erik T. says:

October 12th, 2007 at 12:11 pm

Hey Solace-did you get the setlist for the second night? Hope it was as good as the ID show(but not better :)

Erin says:

October 15th, 2007 at 9:01 am

The second night was as good as the ID show. It was not chronological. They played a few that they did not play on Wednesday night (though they left off a few, too), and some songs sounded way better (to me, at least) the second night, even though they sounded near perfect the first.

Overall, it was another amazing show.