It’s like Fight Club with Jell-O

Posted on December 13th, 2006 – 11:30 AM
By Michael Rand

The women of New York have an answer for your daily blues: Jell-O wrestling! From a Reuters story: “By day Sandra Martinez works at a New York law firm, but by night she throws off her conservative image and becomes ‘Sandra Claws’ — an amateur female Jell-O wrestler. At a grungy live music bar on New York’s Lower East Side, she joined 11 other women to do battle — several for the first time — in a blue, blow-up kiddie pool decorated with orange fish and filled with warm, clear clumps of an unflavored version of the gelatin dessert. ‘It (lets us do) things we probably want to do to women sometimes that we dislike, but we have a forum where we can express it in a fun and safe way,’ said Martinez, a 27-year-old business development specialist.”

Martinez has clearly violated the first rule of Jell-O club, which is you don’t talk about Jell-O club. But hey, as a stress reliever, this seems to beat angrily swerving in and out of traffic. Or so I’m told.

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