Dispatches: New Year’s Eve in Boise?

Posted on December 14th, 2006 – 10:00 AM
By Michael Rand

The Gophers aren’t the only ones giving tickets away. Thanks to a kind sir at the University of Miami — we’ll just call him The Wolf. Yeah, we’re sending in The Wolf — we now know that students at that school can get a free ticket to watch their ‘Canes take on Nevada in the MPC Computers Bowl.

Um, and there’s only one catch, really: It would involve spending New Year’s Eve in Boise, Idaho, instead of Miami. (In other bad news, for those too lazy to follow the link, you already missed the final Gifford Arboretum Meeting of 2006, where you could have learned about Florida’s native plants). As for the game: True, you might be trading real gunplay for potato gunplay, but still. Free ticket or not, we might have to pass.

(By the way, “Dispatches” will be a semi-regular installment here containing far-away tales of your brushes with sports. Come one, come all). 

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