Dispatches from Lambeau: They urinate where?

Posted on December 22nd, 2006 – 9:19 AM
By Michael Rand

A favorite RandBall correspondent made the trek to last night’s Vikings/Packers game and provides some behind-the-scenes details on the big night. We’d like to thank him, even if his details are appaling:

First of all, the tailgating really is second-to-none. It was raining like crazy, but that didn’t stop anybody. However, when we got to the bathrooms, there were two full lines waiting. Both are pretty deep, so I just pick one. I get up to to the front, and I realize there were lines for both the urinals and the sinks, and that everybody is peeing in the sinks. There are about an equal number of both, like maybe 15, and people just think this is the natural thing to do. Every once in a while someone would say, “Hey, I want to wash my hands,” and people in camoflauge would think it was the funniest thing ever.

In the stands, there is a lot of Vikings-Packers smack talk. I’m talking about the least original stuff you can imagine. One time, this Packers fan stands up and says to a Vikings fan, “Hey, I bet you $5 that the Vikings will go 3-and-out here.” At the time, that seemed like a pretty good bet. But he picked the time the Vikings actually got a first down, so the Vikings fan won $5. And instead of doing the honorable thing and betting him again, the fan took the money to get beer.

Overally, it was really tough to watch when the only thing you were hoping for is that Dave Rayner is going to slip again. But the place was packed, and nobody left early. I also devoured a gi-normous bratwurst. It was the circumference of a can of soda. I guess they have varying degrees of bratwurst there.

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