Are the Wolves for real?

Posted on January 16th, 2007 – 9:03 AM
By Michael Rand

We don’t want to kill the chatter on Brewster, because that will be the “talker” for days to come. But we also think this Wolves situation deserves a little more run. We’re stuck on whether this is a team putting together a slightly overachieving stretch of games, many against bad teams, with a fair amount of good fortune thrown into the mix to win some close, overtime games, or whether they’re figuring things out in a more serious way. We watched most of the fourth quarter and OT yesterday, and we have to say Minnesota caught some big breaks. Aside from some nice possessions early in overtime, the offense is still ragged a lot down the stretch. And if Rip Hamilton buries his wide-open three at the end of regulation, they’re done. If Mark Blount doesn’t drain a bailout three near the end of overtime, they might have lost as well. Bottom line: We’re cautious. While we like the Foye/KG high screens, Foye’s fearlessness, the way Blount is playing, the way Trenton Hassell is playing and, in many games, the way Ricky Davis is playing, we want to see just a little more. Let’s see a game against a top team when everything is firing on all cylinders. Let’s see one more big man in the mix in a swap for Marko Jaric. Let’s see if Rashad McCants can give them some juice, especially from beyond the arc, when he comes back. Then we’ll believe they have another gear. Your thoughts?

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