Tuesday edition: Wha’ happened?

Posted on January 16th, 2007 – 8:15 AM
By Michael Rand

A pretty quiet holiday Monday until: Tim Brewster is your new U of M football coach. Just like any move, this one will have to be judged over time, but our immediate reaction is that it really underscores how much the U wanted Glen Mason out. Webster might be a great coach, but we don’t know. They knew what they were getting in Mason, and they’ve essentially said they’d prefer to roll the dice. It’s fairly bold. Now we’ll see if it works. Oh, and there were no contract terms announced, but we feel fairly safe linking to this.

KG now making $375K per game? Seriously, he’s making $21 million this year, which is roughly $250K per game. But with all this time-and-a-half he’s racking up for all this overtime, his salary will really take off. Not to mention that Monday should have been holiday pay, too. OK, we stretched that as far as it could go, and some would say further than it needed to be taken considering its flimsy nature. Wolves win, in overtime, 94-90, over the Pistons, and are now just three games behind Utah for first in their division. That was fast.

Oh, and that little thing we wrote about “I” yesterday. Forget it. We’ve changed our minds, thus giving Nick Saban ample opportunity to rip us on his blog. Let the greater RandBall community never speak of it again.

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