Predictions: We’re not with leather; rather, with Dungy

Posted on January 19th, 2007 – 1:35 PM
By Michael Rand

We’re so glad “You’re with me, leather,” is part of a growing portion of this country’s vocabulary. It’s a story and a phrase that keeps on giving. While ESPN does not list Chris Berman among its NFL experts hoping to somehow duplicate their 14-18 march to mediocrity from last weekend, we’re going to have to go against that throng picking the Saints and go with the Bears. Vicariously, by extension, we are not with leather on that one. In the later game, however, we are talking ourselves into something foolish: The Colts. Yes, just last week we said never go against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. We’re just trusting our gut, which has led us astray on more than a few burrito expeditions. It just feels like Indy’s time, the way things have fallen into a place. To echo sentiments heard on KFAN this morning — sentiments we were thinking first, before we even heard one Jeff Q. Dubay launch into them, damn it! — the Colts have a little of last year’s Steelers in them. So we’re picking along with Tony Dungy, who would like to see the Colts and Bears make it. That would be terribly convenient for him, seeing as how he coaches Indy. For us, it would purely be the satisfaction of a job well done, even if it’s mostly just instinct and guesswork at this point. Scores? You want scores. How about these:

Bears 21, Saints 16.


Colts 23, Patriots 20.

Your thoughts?

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