Re-guest post: COW meets Coyote

Posted on January 19th, 2007 – 11:17 AM
By Michael Rand

Let’s try this again, the scintillating old-fashioned way, where we get to retype everything Coyote sent us for his guest post. Hey, we’re all about the COW:

Wow, Commenter Of the Week! Where do I go from here? Do I go with why Nick Punto will not be in the starting lineup by June? Do I talk about the new Gophers coach? No, I think I’ll save those for my next COW appearance. (Yes, I just called multiple COW honors). I think what people are looking for on a Friday morning is entertainment. So I am going to satisfy everyone’s YouTube needs early today the only way I know how … COW clips!

First, if anyone has a fever, I think I have a remedy.

Second, I find this clip very symbolic. I think this clip has everything this site needs: A COW and soccer together in a video. Just think of the cow as us readers and the soccer player as RandBall. You can take it wherever you want from there.

One rant to use my soapbox: Baseball contracts are out of control. With contracts continuing to rise every year, there will be a breaking point. Owners will not be able to continue with the trend. Even people like George Steinbrenner will halt when it is no longer profitable. At some point, someone is going to stop paying the dollars and the dominoes will fall. Whether it’s television that stops paying or fans who stop paying, there will be a breaking point and it will be an ugly one.

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