Tomlin or Grimm: This hardly ever happens

Posted on January 21st, 2007 – 9:56 AM
By Michael Rand

Seriously, we can’t recall a time in which information about a coaching hire was so divergent, to the point that different sources are confirming different coaches will be hired. We’re used to the denials and the hedging, but this? says Mike Tomlin will be the Steelers’ new coach; ESPN denies the report early, then confirms it late Saturday. Even later, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Russ Grimm, not Tomlin, will be the man. Others are saying no decision until Monday, which might give Ron Rivera a chance if the Bears lose today. Not only all that, but ESPN has added a paragraph disputing the Tribune-Review story, which reads “The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that Grimm will be hired as the new Steelers’ coach, but ESPN is sticking by its report that Tomlin will succeed Cowher.” It’s great to have the story first. It’s even better to have the story right. No matter what, somebody is going to take a mighty hit on this story.

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