Just a thought

Posted on January 22nd, 2007 – 2:40 PM
By Michael Rand

Perhaps we’re too accustomed to seeing athletes and coaches making nice after games, but we still found it odd yesterday that Tom Brady sprinted off the field without, as far as we could tell, shaking the hand of Peyton Manning. There are plenty of pictures of Peyton shaking Brady’s hand after Colts losses. Also, cameras captured a rather lukewarm and brief handshake from Bill Belichick when Manning approached him. Belichick looked annoyed more than anything. Now, obviously these are intense competitors — two of the best in Brady and Belichick — who had just had the Colts pull a complete reversal on them. They had the game at 21-3. They also were one short third-down conversion from practically sewing it up with a little over two minutes left. They were understandably ticked off. But don’t you have to give an opponent a little more due, especially considering the history? We wish we could find video of the first couple minutes of post-game, but we can’t. You’ll have to trust our memory. Did anyone else find the behavior of Brady and Belichick lacked a little class?

UPDATE: Thanks to KChia’s Former Roommate for digging out the forensic Youtube evidence, a concise clip showing Frosty the Coachman stiffing Manning and coming within one more question of killing Solomon Wilcots with his glare. 

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