Sadly, ESPN has not employed “Joe Talent”

Posted on January 23rd, 2007 – 9:44 AM
By Michael Rand

That was our initial, giddy hope when we saw the teaser off the homepage reading, “Talent: Surprise exit.” We thought, “What a fantastic name, and what a terrific break for some lucky man or woman to have it.” We were terribly eager to read Talent’s take on the Bill Parcells story. But then we clicked the link, and things went downhill fast. Turns out “Talent” is a collective term used to describe Sean Salisbury, Joe Theismann and Co., who all answered “Five Burning Questions.” (Not to be confused with Michael Vick/Ron Mexico’s five burning sensations). Not only was it not someone named Talent, but it was a very loose definition of the world “talent.”

But it did spark an idea for a fun mid-morning game: If you could choose one name (a la Homer Simpson’s “Max Power”) that you thought could change your life, what would it be?

(And sorry, we call dibs on Handsome B. Wonderful).

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