Sean Salisbury said “chew,” ESPN says (2nd Update)

Posted on January 23rd, 2007 – 3:04 PM
By Michael Rand

2nd update: Pro Football Talk now has audio. Have a listen. Sounds like “Jew,” though the context is still very strange.

The message boards were in a lather today, and Deadspin also picked up on the story, but our according to an ESPN official, Sean Salisbury used the phrase “chew,” as in to chew clock, to describe a Peyton Manning drive, not “Jew,” as had been speculated. We still don’t have any audio-visual confirmation, but it sounds reasonable enough. This nugget of information, by the way, was brought to you by our own Judd Zulgad, who proves every day that it is possible to be two — or even 17 — places at once.

Update: ESPN called Zulgad back and played the sound bite for him. Zulgad writes to RandBall, “It does sound like ‘Jew,’ but he could have mixed up ‘juke’ and ‘chew.’” … That’s a more generous benefit of the doubt than before in our book.

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