Blogging for you from an undisclosed location (update)

Posted on January 24th, 2007 – 2:34 PM
By Michael Rand

Yes, we had to bring the car in to have the window fixed. It would have happened anyway, but still the dollar menu just turned into the hundred dollar menu. But enough about that. We’re at the dealership right now. They have Internet here. It’s like being at the office, except here there’s free English toffee cappuccino. We’re wondering if they’d mind if we just showed up every day.

In any event, we came across a huge slap in the face for the Vikings fans out there. ESPN has ranked the 80 all-time Super Bowl teams. That’s right, 40 winners and 40 losers. And coming in at No. 78, just third from the bottom? The 2000 New York Giants. That’s right, a team that defeated the Vikings by a scant 41 points in the NFC title game has been deemed the third-worst Super Bowl team of all time. Maybe that’s why the Vikings were the road favorite in that game. Unbelievable. We won’t ruin the list if you haven’t seen it, but just know the undefeated 1972 Dolphins? No. 7. Guess they’ll have to keep the champagne corked on that one.

Update: Thanks to RandBall nation for this link to ESPN’s top 10 non-Super Bowl teams. Let’s just say the 1998 Vikings are high on the list. Very high. Like about as high as you can get without playing for the 2004 Portland Trailblazers.

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