This could turn into an expensive dollar menu trip

Posted on January 24th, 2007 – 11:56 AM
By Michael Rand

OK, this has relatively nothing to do with sports, and we really hate when people do this, but we just have to share a little story about karma, finances and McNuggets. OK, everyone has heard by now that the six-piece McNuggets are on the dollar menu (for a limited time, those heartless souls). We rarely eat fast food because, well, it’s terrible for the body. But it is delicious, and sometimes we have a hankering for McNuggets. So yesterday we skipped breakfast and hit the drive-thru against our better judgment, to order an undisclosed number of six-piece McNuggets. And ever since then, we’ve been punished.

1. They didn’t put any bbq sauce in the bag. That’s crucial to the nugget enjoyment process. But unlike a 3-0 pitch being called a strike, apparently it’s not automatic. That’s silly.

2. We rolled down the window to make the money-for-McNugget transaction, and now it won’t roll back up. Seriously. These are power windows without power. That’s a problem, and it’s been more than a day now. It’s cold. It might need mechanical attention, which will cost significantly more than a dollar.

3. Said window problem should have resulted in a parking ticket yesterday, when we inadvertently left the car parked at a meter outside the Star Tribune for 4 hours instead of 30 minutes. Somehow, someway, we didn’t get a ticket. Maybe we’ve suffered enough.

4. Let’s tie this all together by saying we believe a higher power was trying to tell us that despite their delicious nature, our guilty pleasure of McNuggets is wrong and we should have trusted our healthier instincts. (One six-piece McNuggets wouldn’t be so bad. But again, we had an undisclosed number of them). In general, when you make a decision against your better judgment, it will always come back to haunt you. There are several Twin Cities sports examples that come to mind. Feel free to compile a list in the comments. (And sorry about the rant. Once every two months. We promise).

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