Working our way through the technological advances

Posted on January 25th, 2007 – 12:36 PM
By Michael Rand

Gophers men’s basketball on the radio, sponsored by Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels: A RandBall correspondent who listens to Gophers basketball games on the radio says no joke, that’s what he heard last night. Talk about serendipity for the 2006-07 season.

Waste Management: The very same night, with his own ears, RandBall hears a Waste Management commercial during a Timberwolves radio broadcast. Seriously, we aren’t making it up. You can’t make things up that are this good. It brought to mind the famous Flip Saunders quote, “We’re not in waste management,” which he used to describe a proposed trade with the Knicks seven years ago. These days: The Wolves have no problem with waste management, both as a sponsor and as a philosophy for assembling a roster.

Sean Salisbury addressed the “chew or Jew” question on his radio show yesterday. We’re ready to move on. Perhaps Sean should do the same.

KG is said to be in a Foot Locker commercial set to air during the Super Bowl. See, all the way up to TV now!

The Big Lead has a link to a forum in which someone claims to have made money off latest Bengal to be arrested. We remember when on-line sites started offering odds. We can’t believe there were actual takers, let alone an actual winner. (This, by the way, brings us into the 21st century Interweb era. Phew, our work here is done).

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