Your Thursday a.m. talker

Posted on January 25th, 2007 – 9:50 AM
By Michael Rand

In the past three months, three coaches in major sports in this market have been fired (Dan Monson, Glen Mason, Dwane Casey). Stretch it to 13 months, and you get to four coaches (Mike Tice). That’s quite a stretch. We’re not sure where it ranks historically with other markets, but that’s a lot of coaches gone in a short amount of time. So, some questions:

1. How important is a head coach to the overall success of a particular team, and is it different based on college/pro?

2. Looking back at the four who were fired, which one got the rawest deal?

3. Do we live in a peculiar market in which demands a certain type of coach than other places would? We only ask that because some of the most well-liked coaches in recent memory here project/projected very little egotism (Ron Gardenhire, Flip Saunders), while some of the best coaches of all-time tend to project an air of cockiness. Saunders and Gardenhire won their share of games, but they also have come up short in the postseason. So: If forced to pick between two qualities, would Minnesotans rather have a coach they liked than a coach who wins?

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